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Author Note


Bandkanon Bandkanon said:

Finally, the second chapter has been completed.
It took me two whole months, and put me nearly past my promised wait time, but it's done and finished.

My hands are probably the most to blame for this. Plus fatigue, I guess... And the holidays, which always slow everything up... and countless doctor appointments... I've been on physical therapy while working on this, and they kept telling me to slow up with the drawing... to which I said "ehh... I'll try, but no promises". Though now that I've finished this chapter, I actually can slow up! ...Maybe!

I think I enjoy working on Senhyakkin too much to hold off for too long.

Oh but also there was this one page that stopped me up for a good half-month, and it drove me fuckin' insane. That page is now my enemy. More on that later. Another thing to note is that I'm very, VERY aware of various flaws. Not just in the art, but the writing as well. Like, some scenes could have been improved if I had just added one extra page, combat could have been portrayed much better, and so on and so forth... But aside from the hand stuff, time constraints and a case of jesus-christ-this-chapter-is-already-too-long stopped me from doing the extra work. Maybe in the future I'll come back and redo this whole chapter. But right now, it will remain as-is.

But enough about me-- There's a story to be read, for crying out loud!

So once more, in advance-- I apologize for any disappointment or other strange unexpected feelings that might come of reading this. What I do is experimental, and I'm not a super-skilled professional by any means.

Please enjoy chapter 2 of Senhyakkin: "please stay with me"!

29th Jan 2020, 9:53 PM


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