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Author Note


Bandkanon Bandkanon said:

sure enough, the further along I get in the story, the more nervous I get about uploading...

Anyway, here it is! Chapter 5 of Senhyakkin, right on time and everything! I'm seriously surprised that I managed to get this far. This is the farthest I've gotten with ANYTHING, and I'm hoping I'll be able to keep it up! Yes, I am very anxious as usual, and I constantly get this feeling of "what if people get sick of Senhyakkin" but it's not gonna stop me. Let's keep 'er going!

Meanwhile I do have some good news (for those who like Senhyakkin at least) that I'll be bringing up at the end of this chapter, so please do stick around.

Also this time I won't be providing author comments quite as much because health problems cropped up in the last couple days and I really should be resting. At least I know it won't detract from the experience-- heck, it might actually improve it with less distractions.

Heck. Anyway, enjoy this month's chapter of Senhyakkin!

15th Jul 2020, 9:30 PM


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Magma1715 Magma1715

This is the best comic about kenshi I have ever seen, dont get nervous I know you will find the best way to keep doing the content enjoyable as always

13th Apr 2021, 2:12 PM

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